95-Year Old Marketing Trick Trumps Google

In 1923, Claude Hopkins published Scientific Advertising. Though the language is dated, nearly every principal is still applicable today! If you're serious about marketing, you must read Claude's book. Here's an excerpt from Hopkins' Scientific Advertising featuring a "95-Year Old Marketing Trick" ...

"To track the results of his advertising he used key-coded coupons and then tested headlines, offers and propositions against one another. He used the analysis of these measurements to continually improve his ad results, driving responses and the cost effectiveness of his client’s advertising spend."

In 1923, they were called a key-coded coupon. Today we call them promo codes. By using something as simple as a promo code, you get massive advertising insight. In many cases, advertising insights that trump Google Analytics! Yet for some reason, people consider promo codes a marketing gimmick and dismiss them. That's a massive mistake!

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The Advance Ticket Formula - Has Been Stolen!

Someone has been emailing out my super-secret ADVANCE TICKET FORMULATM. Previously it was only available to paying clients. The culprit is my "good friend" Roman Yako. He's one of those pompous (self-anointed) super-genius MBA types. And of course, a genuine blow-hard! :-pAdvance_Ticket_Formula_Eugene_LojHey Roman, if you're reading this ... "BUSTED!"

Before I haul him into federal court for stealing and distributing one of my prized trade secrets, read below. Roman’s email contains critical info, he STOLE from me, on selling out any event.

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Nobody Cares if You Help Kids with Cancer

Before you think of me as some heartless bastard, I've had cancer take my Maternal Grandmother and my Father. No family should have to go through the ravages of such a horrible disease … let alone a child!

Now that I have your attention - let's get to the point. This might be the most important advice to date. It is also going to be brutally direct. If you're a not for profit event organizer, you need to pay careful attention to what follows!

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"Secret Weapon" of the Greatest Ad Man

David Ogilvy was considered to be one of the greatest advertising minds in history. His U.S. firm of Ogilvy and Mather launched numerous successful advertising campaigns for companies such as Schweppes, Dove, Rolls Royce and Shell just to name a few. Ogilvy is also considered by many to be the “father of advertising.” He also had a “secret weapon” he used for advertising.

Here’s a 7-minute video from Mr. Ogilvy himself, it’s well worth your time to watch (1,381 Likes / 8 Dislikes):

The Ogilvy Way on Advertising and Marketing

What made Ogilvy truly unique in the advertising field was his focus on results-oriented advertising. Ogilvy’s advertising philosophy – and one that thrives today – is rooted in direct response marketing. In its simplest form, direct response marketing correlates the money you spend on advertising with a direct return on investment or ROI. This was done in a time without the Internet! That means, today it’s never been easier to track your return on advertising spend!

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A Massive "Must Have" for Event Success

What is the American inventor Thomas Edison best known for?


Most people respond with, “inventing the light bulb!” The incandescent light bulb is an extraordinary achievement that still shapes our modern day world. Ironically, most people are unaware that Edison did not invent the light bulb. A British man, Frederick de Moleyns, filed a patented for the light bulb almost 40 years before Edison. Some people also credit Joseph Swan.

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Event Promotion Bias: If You Think It's "Dumb" ... Do This!

It was during the checkout process at Hershey’s Chocolate World that something clicked for me. A very polite cashier was ringing out my purchase and asked, “Would you like to purchase one of our special unreleased bags of chocolate? They are buy one get one free.” When asked the question - my first internal thought was, “no, I just want to pay and get out of here quickly!” I politely declined the upsell offer.


Thankfully my marketing detective mind quickly clicked on. I was curious and asked the cashier, “How many people take you up on that offer?” She happily answered, “About half the people.” That’s amazing! Consider how many people check out every day at your local grocer. People also move through food lines at ethnic festivals. Add in one simple upsell question, and that could mean significant additional revenue. “Would you like fries with that?” (McDonalds)

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Do You Have an Antidote for this Event Website Poison?

This "poisonous" website metric continues to eviscerate event websites. And little has changed in almost 20 years!


What is the “poison”? A statistic that shows most people ONLY visit your event website ONCE. When I say MOST people only visit once … that means 60% and even up to 70% or more of your website visitors never return!

Do you know exactly how many people visit your web site only once? It’s imperative that you know and understand what this means!

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You Don't Want Your Event in the News for THIS ...

Last Thursday, I had a great training session with a Belgian client. During our meeting, the topic of data security was discussed. Not a week goes by where another company isn’t making international news for an online data security breach. Today’s email is long and essential, so please bear with me!

“Eugene, why are we talking about data security?!?! I signed up for event promotion advice!”

Please consider the following: “If your event’s customer data is compromised, who gets the blame?” You and your organization are going to be in the news! Your customer won’t care what vendor you hired or who’s fault it is. They will blame you!

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“You Can’t Handle the Truth!”

“You Can’t Handle the Truth!” Those infamous words were delivered with spite by Colonel Jessup in the 1992 movie “A Few Good Men.” The same words and his speech on the courtroom stand ultimately lead to his conviction. Today we’re going to take a hard look at “the truth” and event promotion advertising spend. Because it’s paramount to your event’s success! You need to be able to handle the truth.

Let’s start with a question. Are you and your team being truthful about your event promotion results? Because most event organizers can’t handle the truth. It's like ripping a scab off - it isn't easy, and it hurts like hell!

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Do You Do This With All Your Event Promotion?

It was 2011 and Rochester, New York had some of the first digital billboards.

For the billboard companies digital was great! Instead of one ad every 30-60 days, plus production costs … they could run several ads in 6-8 second rotations. Based on placements and total display time, I believe the digital billboard pricing, at that time, was around $7,500 for a 30 or 60-day run. (FYI – My figures might be off a little – it was 8 years ago.)

In 2011, a client decided to use the new fancy digital billboards to promote their upcoming event. The client had called me to tell me that the digital billboard had been up for a few days. That was a surprise to me - because I hadn’t seen anything.

Since it’s me, I drove back and forth on the interstate until the client’s ad displayed! Finally, “there it is!!” New and exciting! Then, after a second or two, my marketing brain kicked in.

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