Why You Need to Ask Difficult Event Survey Questions
Simple Tracking of Your Online Event Promotions

A Killer Social Media Promotion Strategy for Your Event

Events_promotion_social_media Two HUGE reasons why people don’t show up to your event are either because they’re not interested or they don’t know about your event. Hence, the problem could be either market research or event promotion. In my opinion, it’s far easier to “get away with” an event promotion problem. Here’s why . . . No event organizer has enough money to change people’s minds.

Let me give you an example that’s close to my heart. If someone doesn’t like the band Van Halen, I don’t have enough advertising budget to change people’s minds. The same applied to event organizers. That’s why knowing the wants, needs, and desire of your event attendees is crucially important. If you create an event that people REALLY want to attend, it becomes much easier to sell advance sale tickets and pack your event.

Using Social Media to Promote Your Event
Enter into the equation social media. Social media allows you the ability to quickly interact with a target market. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or a Blog. Just remember to use the social media channel most conducive to your audience. Each target market is a little different.

Listen, Don't Shout!
Think of social media as your opportunity to interactively engage your target market. Too many event promoters and organizers use social media to SHOUT at their target market. Don’t do that! The most successful event marketers leverage social media as a listening platform. I strongly encourage you to do the same. If you listen to your target market, you're better apt to serve them. In return, they're more likely to do business with you.

Engage in Interactive Social Media Marketing
An easy to implement social media event strategy is to ask questions and collect feedback. You can accomplish this through Facebook wall posts, Tweets, or a simple survey. The questions shouldn't be leading -  e.g. "You don't like this right?" vesus "What do you think about this?" Instead of multiple choice, I encourage you to use comment fields. You'll get much better feedback. Your questions can be as simple as asking people, “How can we improve the event?” or “What didn’t you like about the event?” I promise you that you’ll get some amazing (and actionable) feedback!

From on an advertising and promotions standpoint, you can use the feedback to crank up the effectiveness of your event marketing. The best advertisements get the read to think, "This person truly understands me!"

Here are some additional resources for DIY online event surveys:

Objectivity is Crucial!
Just keep in mind - If you’re going to ask questions of potential event attendees or customers, you need to stay objective! The ultimate event experience is built around your event attendee’s ego. It’s imperative that you, as an event organizer or promoter, keep your ego in check. The best event promoters take their egos out of the equation. Never assume you know better than your event prospects or attendees. When in doubt, ask them what they want!

Here are some additional social media resources you can use to market your event:




Normally I do not comment on blogs, but I would really like to comment on yours that this post really forced me to say, Great post! I am really impressed with your post! I have bookmarked your post for future reference.


Good points in this post. For me, the hardest part with using social media was to understand that it took time for me to build a presence. Once you realize that, social media (especially for promoting events) is a great tool.

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