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For today's post I'm going to concentrate on getting the most out of your web site with television advertising.  The premise hinges on the core concept of web centric marketing. How many details can you remember about a commercial you just viewed? Chances are not very many.

Getting the viewer to remember your domain name should be one of the main objectives of any form of advertising. A domain name is far easier to remember compared to numerous other details. One of the fundamentals behind web centric marketing is to get people back to your web site where they can digest the information at their own pace.

Starting Point

I'm writing from the premise that your commercial already has a unique selling proposition for the viewer and that it doesn't drown anyone with too much information. Make sure your messaging connects with the viewer in a meaningful way.

Use a Letter Box
Using a letterbox allows you to chisel out an area of the television frame to display a message. If you aren't sure what a letter box is check out the Wikipedia Letterbox article for an example. There is a matte at the top and the bottom of the screen.  You are going to use the bottom matte to insert a brief call to action and your domain name.  It is your discretion if you wish to keep the top matte. The call to action and domain name should be constant throughout the length of the commercial. By using the bottom matte you also insure that your domain name doesn't get lost due to audio or video.

Have a Strong Call to Action
Regardless of the length of your commercial, it is imperative to have a strong call to action. There are numerous commercials that list a web site but don't give people a good reason to visit the listed web site. What can you do with a few words to get your target market to your web site?  Below I've included some quick ideas:

  • "Watch Exclusive Video ..."
  • "Get a Free Report, Chapter, Information Packet ..."
  • "Discounted Online Tickets ..."
  • "Exclusive Interviews ..."
  • "Get Insider Information ..."

Keep your call to action short and to the point. Consider reemphasizing your call to action at the end of the commercial.

An Excellent Example
Follow the link below for a great example of a 30 second commercial that embodies the suggestions from above. Notice the bottom static banner. The domain name is accompanied by a brief blurb "FOR TICKETS & INFO." It gives the viewer a reason to view the web site.  The domain name is constantly in front of the viewer and reemphasized at the end of the commercial. Production quality on the commercial is also excellent.

Don't Forget to Test
If you have the budget and a little extra time test your commercial with your target audience. The web and ease of digitizing has made testing quick and very affordable.  It can be as simple as posting your commercial online and emailing the link to a small group of people. The results might surprise you.

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