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Events organizers choose their sponsors for a variety of reasons.  The reasons an event might choose a sponsor could range from giving the event additional credibility, to cash, trade, or other reasons. One important consideration is a potential sponsor's digital resource base and how you might be able to leverage it for online marketing purposes. Take the time to carefully assess a potential sponsor's digital resource base when considering any event sponsor. A few hours of brainstorming could save an event organizers thousands of dollars in traditional advertising. Emphasis should be placed on creating a mutually beneficial relationship for both your event and your sponsor's organization.

Some Important Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Potential Sponsors:

  • How does your sponsor's demographic match up against your event's demographics?
  • Does your sponsor have a high quality email list you can leverage?
  • How much traffic does your sponsor's web site generate?
  • Is there room on your sponsor's web site to promote your event? (Banners and Links)
  • Does your sponsor send a digital newsletter? Can you insert information about your event?
  • Is your sponsor part of an online advertising network? (Co-branded Ads)

All of the questions above can be summarized in one simple question to ask yourself:
"What can a potential sponsor do to contribute to my event's online marketing endeavors?"

Leverage Your Sponsor's Email List
If a potential sponsor has a high quality email list, discuss the possibilities of sending out a series co-branded emails to build awareness for your event. Email campaigns are an inexpensive way to get the word out about your event. You might consider starting an email marketing campaign before your traditional advertising starts. Perhaps the sponsor might be able to include a coupon targeted for people on their own mailing list somehow tied into your event. Always be thinking how you can use a marketing resource over time and in tandem with other resources. One of the biggest advantages of online marketing is that almost everything can be tracked and measured for effectiveness. Be sure to setup some measurable metrics for success. Regardless of some of the online advantages, consider using traditional means like traditional mail.

There are a multiply ways to leverage the resource base a potential sponsor can offer. Always strive to get to a win-win situation with your sponsors.

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