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The benefits of being a heretic

Back in 2006, I was introduced to Doug Doebler, a real estate broker from Rochester, New York, USA. During that time, there was a real estate boom in the United States.


Doug started a real estate marketing project by hiring a direct response marketing consultant. The consultant strongly recommended a single page website. At one point, the consultant told Doug, "if you don't put the page by tomorrow, per my recommendations, I will fire you as a client!"

He reluctantly followed the consultant's recommendations.

Doug posted a super-simple one page website that provided visitors with a complimentary real estate report. The report suggested ways to make money in pre-construction real estate.

Most people would not be impressed by the design of Doug's web page. It contained way too much text and lacked design sense. Even his real estate colleagues snickered when they saw it. There is a very good chance others mocked him behind his back.

Remember, the consultant's counter-intuitive recommendations were completely opposite of how things are done in real estate marketing. But Doug's decision to do something very different would completely change his life.

After the website went live, Doug purchased approximately $20,000 USD of Google Ads. Those ads drove almost 5,000 leads to his one page website. Doug carefully cultivated those leads over the course of 2 years. Ultimately generating almost $200 million USD of contracts for pre-construction real estate.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out for the real estate market. In 2008, the housing bubble burst in the US. To Doug's credit, he stuck around and took care of his clients when the developers ran.

The extraordinary example above illustrates the benefits of being a heretic. (Minus the market's bust.)

If you're serious about success for your event, be prepared to go against the grain. That could mean being mocked by peers and friends. Or, being pressured by overly opinionated people who don't have a leg to standing on. (Happens all the time.)

It requires conviction of purpose and ability to ignore peer pressure.

Are you willing to be a heretic?

The next Event Profit Report will show you the exact black magic Doug used on his single page website. That very process has been reverse engineered and improved over the last 12 years.

Even better, you don't need to spend $20K USD on advertising (but you could) to see jaw-dropping results. It can be used by any event organizer with a website. Why use it? Because it's proven and it has generated millions of dollars of results for clients.

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