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Late Event Promotion - Big List Growth

Here is the scenario; you’re event is about a week away and someone suggests the idea of growing a promotional email subscriber list.  Most event organizers would say to themselves, “it’s too late to build a list for my event; we’re only about a week away. Let’s save the idea until next year when we have more time.Ironically some of the best event list growth happens during the weeks preceding your event. A big reason for this is that your event advertising and promotions are typically at their peak.  The awareness prompted by all the advertising and marketing drive people to find out more information about your event.  As a result, you get a significant increase in traffic to your web site. More traffic is usually followed by more list subscriber sign ups.

Real World List Growth Examples
One of my clients grew their event promotion list by 40% during the week leading up to their event. That’s 1250 people who signed up to receive additional information right before the eventIn regards to time frame, the client started collecting emails 7 months earlier.  Another client grew their list by 25% in the week leading up to their event.

List Quality versus Quantity
The question of quality versus quantity usually comes up when seeing significant list growth in a short period of time.  It’s all about having the right offer to your target market. The people who are signing up to your event subscriber list are the people who have a vested interest in your event.  Your web site actually acts as a filter of interest. Someone who’s not interested in an air show probably isn’t going to be on an air show web site in the first place.

Promotions versus Feedback

You might not be able to run a promotional campaign for those people subscribing in days before your event, but those subscribers are still a tremendous resource.  There is a good chance that if people are signing up to your event subscriber list that they’re really interested in your event.  Those same people are probably the most likely to show up to your event. If you can’t run promotional material to your list, you can probably collect great feedback after the event.  Consider sending everyone on your list an online survey after your event.  Post event feedback is tremendously useful to any event organizer.

Hopefully the information above shows you that it isn’t too late to start building a list for your event. Building a dedicated event list is one of the most powerful promotion techniques that any event promoter or organizer could undertake. It’s almost never too late to start.

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