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Don’t Neglect Your Email List

What follows is a important email marketing lesson. In just over two years a friend of mine was able to build a home grown email list to about 5000 subscribers.  He drove web traffic to a landing page via a pay per click campaign.  On his web page, visitors were asked to sign up to receive additional information via email. For the first two years of his campaign my friend sent an email to his list once every 10 days.  The list generated tens of millions of dollars in sales leads.  Eventually the 10 day interval of emails slowed down. The last time my friend emailed his list was over six months ago.


Going Back to The List
Recently my friend tried to transfer his existing email list to a new email system.  The new email system requires all 5000 of his email subscribers to click on a verification link sent by email.  If the subscribers don’t click on the verification link their data won’t be imported into the new email system.  My friend prepped an email with the included verification link and sent it to his subscribers.  Of the 5000 subscriber on his list only 50 clicked on the verification link after his first email.  As one can imagine, my friend was floored that so few people clicked on the verification link. He didn’t have the expectation that a large number of people would click the verification link, but he did expect to get more than 1%.

The Lesson
When you build your email list, it is imperative to stay in constant contact.  The point above expounds on the importance of engaging your list on a regular basis. My recommendation is to engage your list at least once a week. Setup an email autoresponder to automate your marketing. When engaging your list, focus on the list’s desires and on delivering valuable information. Regardless of your efforts not everyone is going to stay on your email list. People come and people go. Your objective is to try and keep as many people on your list as possible.  As of yesterday - my friend said that about 150 people, of his list of 5000, had be verified and added to the new system.

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I made a similar mistake during a time when I was having some health issues & stepped away from actively communicating with my list for a few months. When I returned I immediately noticed that my list had grown cold. Email open & link click rates fell off drastically. New subscribers are turning it into a viable list again; lesson learned! With a little forethought, the autoresponder could have kept the list alive.

Appreciate your post!

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