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Event Marketing: Start Building Your List Early

You can never start building your subscriber list too early. For today's post I'm going to focus on list building from an event marketing perspective. The technique can also be adapted for selling and positioning a product or service.  Too many event organizers make the mistake of either not building a list building or starting the process too late. List building can be used both before and after your event. If you are an event marketer, think of your list as a direct marketing channel to customers who are most interested.

Give People a Reason to Sign Up
As soon as your web site goes live, try to get users to willingly volunteer their email. Just because there is a sign up usually isn't a compelling enough reason for users to sign up. Users are very sensitive to giving their personal information away. Think from the perspective of delivering value.  Do you have something unique that you could offer to entice sign ups? In the case of an event it might be an interview with a performer, advance ticket discounts, or highlights from the previous year's event.

Treat your subscribers like gold and don't try to sales pitch them too early.  Ask yourself, would you be more likely to purchase tickets to an event after 5 or 6 interesting and trustworthy emails? Or send a sales pitch out every time you send an email. Start with building trust and credibility from the beginning. It is important to remember that most people visit web sites never return. Collecting the user's email is a good way to reengage your users down the road.

Advance Sale Tickets
Consider offering early subscribers the best price on event tickets. A few years ago I attended an air show conference in Belgium. One of the presenters outlined the ticketing strategy they used for their event. Their advance sale tickets were discounted by almost 50%.  A number of event organizers might think that the process is counter intuitive, "We're going to lose too much money by discounting ticket prices that much." Ironically the presenters methodology worked.  Their event was paid for before a single person walked in the gate. In addition, the event broke records for attendance and revenue.

The Best Event Marketing Investment
Helping your own targeted subscriber list to grow is the best single investment you can make in your event marketing. Even if you don't have something to offer your consumer right now, think about the future. Lists can be used to target the people who have identified themselves as your target market. You can spend less on traditional advertising if you already have a qualified list of people interested in your event, product, or service. Use your subscriber list to your advantage.

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