Stop effing around & do it already
"If you don't your like dinner, I will pay for it."

Are you exceeding their expectations?

Are you exceeding your customer's expectations? Chances are, probably not. Events are often falling short according to customers feedback, online reviews, and survey data. Still, event organizers insist their event execution is beyond reproach. Hmmm!

It's rare, but on occasion, I attend client events. When I do visit, my goal is to stay in the background and observe.

In the following example, a gentleman purchased a VIP ticket to a free event. What happened next occurred behind me, but well within listening distance. So, I heard every part of the conversation. A VIP ticket holder approached an event Board member with his concern.

The ticket holder said, "I paid $175 (USD) for this, and you're giving me a meal ticket! Your website clearly stated never go hungry and never go thirsty. Why are you limiting what I can eat?" The VIP customer was correct, the website clearly promised a food buffet and an open bar.

Unfortunately, the client's caterer didn't order enough food. Because of the shortage, the client decided to ration VIP food with meal tickets. That's their choice given the circumstances.

Customers can be finicky, and you'll never get to a 100% satisfaction rate. But it is imperative that you satiate the promises made in your marketing and advertising. Remember ... you need to satisfy the promises made from the customers perspective! This is not always easy to do. Make use of long copy that is easy to understand. There should be zero ambiguity in what a customer is purchasing.

In today's world of non-stop social media content, you cannot afford to fall behind on meeting customer expectation. If you're busy running your event, you won't be able to respond to being lambasted on social media.

Last and certainly not least ... if something does get screwed up at your event, even if it's out of your control, try to make the customer satisfied.

In the VIP ticket example above, there was an extensive discussion as to why there wasn't any food. But never the phrase, "please let us know what we can do to make you happy?"

If you want your event to thrive and beat the pants off the competition, you need elated customers. Never forget that old adage, "under promise and over deliver!"

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