Beware the Advertising Account Executive
Regarding an Event Promotion Idea ..."Yeah, that won't work for us!"

This Event Crashed & "Burned" ... Badly

After it happened in 2017, I tried to comb through all the news reports on the Fyre Festival. It was intended to be a “luxury music festival” on Exuma, in the Bahamas. In the end, it was a complete disaster and the organizer sent to jail. It's also a cautionary tale on event promotion gone too far! If you're going to promote your event with hype - your customer experience better match!


Recently, two documentaries have been released on what many people consider one of the most significant event frauds in history. “Fyre Fraud” can be found on Hulu and “Fyre The Greatest Party that Never Happened” on Netflix. Please make the time to watch at least one of these documentaries.

Why watch a documentary on the Fyre Festival?

Because there are lessons to be gain from every event. Both good and bad. The documentaries are a real eye opener for any event organizer.

My biggest takeaway from the Fyre festival … beware very cognizant of your marketing hype!
Years ago, I convinced a client to sell a $4,000 “Ultimate Experience” VIP ticket to an event the public could watch for FREE. The ticket sold quickly. My first reaction was extreme nervousness! “How the heck are we going to deliver over $4,000 of value to the customer?” My rule of thumb is that the customer experience MUST exceed the marketing hype. That means the customer must feel their experience is extraordinary. There is little wiggle room here!

Thankfully, the customer from the example above was elated with their VIP experience. So much so, they spent almost $10,000 in future VIP tickets.

Check out either Fyre festival documentary and let me know what you think. If you don’t watch the documentaries … never allow your marketing hype to exceed you customer’s expectations!

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