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During a brief stroll of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport I found an interesting feedback idea for events. There were some signs posted around the airport terminal encouraging people to text message their comments.  I can’t remember the exact wording, but it was something to the extent of “text us on how we’re doing.” I believe the same concept could be used to collect live feedback on an event.

Text Messaging
Today almost everyone has a cell phone. Text messaging is all the rage, especially with young people. It’s hard to go anywhere and not see someone text messaging. Even my parents are text messaging.

Quick & Easy Feedback
The ability to for patrons to comment easily and quickly is a big positive. In most cases patrons make a quick observation about your event and do little about it. Patrons leave your event and then get back to their personal life. In my experience, you get a feedback rate of around .001 for most events. Text messaging can potentially bridge the gap in getting quick feedback.  When you ask people for feedback, then give them a quickly and easy way to comment, I believe you’ll get significantly more feedback. Yes, you will receive some feedback that is going to be over the top and in some cases very negative.  Some people just love to complain. But, I believe that the virtues outweigh the vices. Any feedback on your event is good feedback. There might be something very important you can learn and greatly improve your event.

Basic Idea
Text messaging feedback would probably be most applicable to larger events with at least a few thousands people. You would have to find a company that could collect text message feedback. An event organizer could post signs in the exit areas encouraging people to “text us what you thought of the event.”

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