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Being Proactive About Your Event Customer Service

Event_customer_service.jpg As your event approaches the amount of traffic to your web site will increase dramatically. There is an important factor you need to be cognizant about. People visiting your event website only take in limited amounts of information . . . Most people will look at the information that is important to them at any given moment. 

A certain percentage of your web site visitors are guaranteed to miss important information. As a result, you might have to deal with unnecessary customer service issues.

e.g. - A few hundred people show up to your CASH ONLY parking lot with just a credit card. It’s even worse if the closest ATM is 20 minutes down the road.

Minimize Customer Service Issues
You can minimize a significant number of customer service issues with a robust FAQ page. A good FAQ page should cover people’s most common questions. As stated above, not everybody will visit your FAQ page. You need a way to get people to visit your frequently asked questions page. That’s where a dedicated e-mail list comes into play. By the time your event is about to take place, you should have a decent list of prospects and customers.

Be Sure to Review Your FAQ
Make sure that you take the time to carefully review your FAQ page before your event. Is there any out of date information? Be sure to dig through recent customer service e-mails and make sure you aren’t missing any important questions. Don’t kill yourself trying to answer every question, focus on the most important and most common questions.

Send Them Directly to Your FAQ Page
A few days before your event, e-mail your list a direct link to your FAQ page. The message of the e-mail should go something like this, “… we’re just a few days away from the big event. Please make sure that you take the time to carefully review the updated frequently asked questions page. Doing so will ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible.” Then, include a link to your FAQ page. If there is information that's only pertinent to customers, consider creating a separate customer FAQ page.

By getting people to visit your FAQ page, right before your event, you will save yourself time in dealing with last-minute customer service issues.

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