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Dealing with Harsh Event Feedback

Have you ever received a really nasty email regarding your event? Customer service over the Internet can be a bit tricky at times. Today most of the feedback event organizers receive is going to be over email. Most people give very gracious feedback. Yet there are always a few people that are a little harsh with their feedback. The truth is a small number of people complain, just because they’re given the opportunity.  You are best served trying to address every piece of feedback, even from unreasonable people. Here are a few quick tips for delivering customer service over email.


Step Back
It’s important not to take negative feedback about your event personally. When you organize an event you’re emotionally vested in that event. The initial response to a harsh email might be to respond with an equal tone. It’s not worth it. Take a step back and make sure you don’t respond defensively.  Give yourself time to cool down. I find that waiting 24 hours to respond to an email helps.  In that time, try to honestly consider where your patron is coming from.

The Magic Phrase
Use the following phrase to defuse any harsh feedback about your event, “Thank you for your email.” Then continue your email in an understanding and appreciative tone. Someone who just wrote you a very harsh email is probably not expecting a thank you response. I’ve used the “thank you for your email” all the time. It’s amazing how that simple phrase calms people down. Event patrons have written back apologizing for their initial email. 

Respond within 48 Hours
A timely response is huge in customer service.  Try to respond to people as quickly as possible. Within 48 hours is a good rule of thumb. The quicker you respond, the better your chances for resolving a patron complaint. I fully realize that quickly replying to an email might not be at the top of your priority list, especially right after an event. Utilize a trusted member of your team to field initial emails. When a team member responds to a patron’s email, make sure they CC you on the email. You can respond with a follow up email.

Taking the higher road is the best way to go in addressing feedback for your event via email. Initially it might pain you to “be the better person,” but it will pay off in patron loyalty and appreciation. Most people are reasonable when you genuinely try to help them. Read through “The Mystery of Online Customer Satisfaction” for some interesting insight on customer service.

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