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Exquisitely Describing Your Event

The words you use to describe your event can make a world of difference in how many people show up to your event.  For all the technology we have at our fingertips words are still your most powerful marketing tool.  When you describe your event, especially in your marketing, make your event description extraordinary.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using traditional media (television, print, radio) or new media. You want the person reading or seeing your advertisements to automatically think, “I want to do that!”

As a quick example, which of the following would more likely peak your interest to attend the event captured in the video above?

“Come see our amazing fireworks and laser light show.”

- OR -

"Witness a thrilling nighttime kaleidoscope as the sky erupts with over 1,100 pyrotechnic bursts and the extraordinary Earth Globe floats across the lagoon, revealing wonders of the seven continents on its curved LED screens — the first ever of their kind. Revel in rousing original music as lasers turn the very sky into a work of art."

Both descriptions are for the same event. The longer description comes from the Disney Corporation. It's for their Reflections of Earth fireworks and laser light show at EPCOT.

You're description can be as long as you want. (Provided you hold your readers attention.) The marketing of your event needs to rival the quality of your event.  Most event organizers create great events that nobody attends. Make sure you’re not making the same mistake. If you have something really great to share with people, don’t under hype your event.

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Jenny B.

LOL, Mike. I still can't look at that hockey mask without shivering! (And yet that mask certainly played a part in dragging me out to see the latest installment of the franchise.)

With respect to 'words,' I think real, B.S.-free marketing about any product/service/event is the most powerful seller. People are more media-saavy these days and can see through contrived crap and false advertising.

People want to do fun stuff. Life's adventures (even the little ones!) are what make people happy. The best writer(s) to pump out an event synopsis are the people who are using their own blood, sweat and tears to put the event on, provide the service or sell the product. Try describing something you are passionate about. Your own 'inside scoop' and enthusiasm will shine through your words and in my humble opinion, are the best tools to persuade and excite people about the thing you are marketing.

I agree you can have a long description providing it keeps your audience's attention, but over-the-top, ridiculously manufactured copy, three words or twenty, will have the opposite desired effect and turn people off.

Mike Sukhenko

I think strong visuals can be as important or even more . . .

Think about movie posters . . .

A picture of a cracked hockey mask says a lot without any words . . .

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