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The Most Powerful Form of Online Advertising (Part II)

The Most Powerful Form of Online Advertising ... continued ...

Creating Traffic
Compelling high quality content drives traffic to web sites and can encourage users to return on a regular basis. Two facets of traffic generation are high quality content and search engine optimization.

High quality content can come in the written form of articles, e-zines, ebooks, and white papers.  Dr. Joe Vitale brings up the following as it pertains to online articles, "write articles that answer problems and distribute them online. This builds credibility and if they're truly useful people will make them viral.” Successful people online produce high quality content on a regular basis. Publishing content three to five times a week is one of the simplest ways to get better rankings in the search engines.

SEO and the Written Word
Search Engine Optimization relies heavily on the written word. The words you use are going to compel people to click or link to your content. Those all important back links rely almost entirely on text links from other web sites. HTML text is the craved nutrient of search engine spiders. The more high quality content and site back links the higher your results in search engine rankings.


After visitors end up on your web site you want them to take some sort of desired action.  Well written copy supports all aspects of the conversion process.  A conversion can be anything from subscribing to a newsletter to purchasing a product or service.  Bob Bly points out the following: “the most effective way to differentiate your product or service is what you say - the words you use.” There are long copy web pages that garner six and seven figure incomes for their owners not using anything more than words. 

If you can master the art of copywriting you have the ability to out perform most people online regardless of the advertising medium.  Copywriting is the one universal talent that can bring you closer to success online. It doesn't matter if you just have a web site or twitter like it's going out of style . . . let copywriting be your online advantage.

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