Why People Really Attend Fundraisers
Why Buy Tickets For Your Own Event?

Get Them to Your Event with Great Invitations

Event_invitationRecently I attended a fundraiser where invitations were sent through snail mail (traditional USPS mail). The invitation was enclosed in an expensive looking envelope and printed on a nice card stock.  At first glance one would think it is a decent looking invitation. The problem was that the envelope didn’t give anyone a good reason to immediately open it up. When you opened the envelope the actual invitation was as boring and mundane.  If you’re sending invitations through the mail for your event, you need to immediately grab people's attention and motivate them to action!

The Envelope (Packaging)
If you’re going to send paper invitations for your event, make sure it “WOWS” the recipient.  In this case start with the envelope. An envelope with nothing but a person’s name and return address doesn’t cut it. Most of us are well aware of all the junk mail that comes to us on a regular basis.  As consumers, we have taught ourselves to wade through all the obnoxious messages by ignoring them. Instead of trying to be louder than the other mail pieces, think of ways to be more unique.  Are there some words you can put on the outside of your envelope that would prompt someone to open it immediately?  Can the letter be hand addressed or addressed with a handwriting font? Is the envelope packaging truly unique? The envelope or packaging of your invitation can make a big difference in response rates. There are companies that actually specialize in creating unique envelopes and packaging. One company offers you a service to send someone a message in an actual bottle. I’m willing to bet someone would open a message in a bottle before an envelope. You can also send out mass mailings using personalized post cards with your handwriting digitally reproduced. Think of ways to make your envelope unique.

Personalized Post Cards

Message in a Bottle

The Invitation (On the Inside)
When it comes to the invitation, focus on giving people a very good reason to act immediately.  I’m a firm believe that words are extremely powerful.  Are the words in your invitation crafted in a way that would get someone to act upon your offer right away?  Use ethical marketing techniques. Let your target market know there are a limited number of tickets available. You might want to consider using an early bird special and various pricing options.  Offer preferred or premium seating, first come first serve. The possibilities are endless. But you need to give it some thought and get people to act immediately on your offer.

Digital Hand Written Notes and Doodles

Test It
Before you ever send any mass invitations through the mail, test it! Find a few test prospects and send them prototype invitations. I’d recommend not using family and friends for testing. Find people who are going to be very honest with you. Send the prototype invitations and follow up a few days later. Find out if your test prospect found your invitations clear, concise, and actionable.  Ask them for their feedback.  A little testing can go a long way, especially with mass mailings.

Last, but not least, make sure your invitations are not boring! Add a little spice and excitement to the mix. To many people the information above might seem overly simplistic, and it is! But it’s usually the simple things that can make a big difference in your event.

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