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The Billboard Test and Beyond

Does you Domain Name Pass the Billboard Test?

Airshow_billboard_sm When we first started designing billboards for airshows and other events, we quickly became aware of getting the message across in the shortest and most effective way possible.  The billboard methodology can be applied to almost any form of traditional advertising. 

The Magical Number Seven
Keep in mind most people won't remember specific details of your billboard the first time.  I'm a firm believer in "the Magical Number Seven." In short, you can only remember small bits of information upon your first exposure.  This has little to do with intelligence.  It is a cognitive limitation of the human brain.  In most cases we can only remember 7, plus or minus two bits of information.  As a result, keep your messaging simple.

My personal belief is that all your traditional advertising should take a web-centric emphasis.  If you can get people to visit your web site, you can pass along far more information for less money.

Emphasize Your Domain Name
The limitations of the human brain and driving 55+ MPH makes it increasingly more difficult to remember small details . . . So don't cram your billboard with a bunch of information that nobody is going to be able to remember.

When advertising for your company, service, or event: keep the domain name prominent, your message direct, and make sure it is easy to remember.  If possible, use a strong call to action and drive people to your web site.

You might want to consider dropping the "www." from the domain name.  Make sure your hosting company supports no "www." with your domain.  Here are some domain name guidelines for ensuring your billboard passes the billboard test.

Holiday_billboard_smThere are far too many billboards that clutter their message with useless information.  People won't always have traffic to carefully study your billboard. Dates, times, ticket prices, etc. are pretty much useless on a billboard.

If they remember anything from your billboard or another piece of your event marketing, make sure it is your domain name.

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