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Your Domain Name and Radio Advertising

Are you getting the most from your radio advertising?

One traditional media channel I notice a number of companies not leveraging is radio advertising.  Some companies spent top dollar to promote their brand but never mention their web site.  There have been some recent improvements in this area, but we still have a way to go.  Make sure you mention your domain name in all your radio advertising!

With radio advertising you are typically limited to a 30 second spot or shorter.  How many times have you heard a radio commercial that crams too much information? It becomes information overload.

Use the radio advertisement to inform people about your product or service and direct people to your web site.  Directing people to your site is the really important part.  If you mention your web site, listeners only have to remember a few short words.   Here is an example of advertising for an airshow radio commercial. Which of the following is easier to remember? The domain name: RochesterAirshow.com or “The ESL International Airshow taking place at the Greater Rochester International Airport, June 5 and 6th, featuring the USAF Thunderbirds …” People aren’t going to remember all those details. It is much easier to remember just your domain name.

In order for users to remember your domain name, it should be short and easy to spell. Recently I heard a commercial for an online service that caught my attention. Their domain wasn’t easy to spell or remember.  It gets even better when you cannot locate the company using any of the search engines.  I had to wait until I heard the radio spot again to get the domain name correct and finally visit their web site.

You should repeat your domain at least three times in a 30 second spot
, once near the beginning and twice at the end.  To some people this might be a little much, but repetition is an important step in building brand awareness.

As with other advertising mediums, make sure you are taking a Web Centric approach to your marketing.  When you get people to your web site you can provide them with significantly more information about your product or service.  I cannot think of any other form of traditional advertising that offers you the flexibility found on the Internet.

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Michael Morton

Hi again Eugene.

As a marketer who works in the radio industry, I strongly agree. Too many people feel the need to include too much information. In radio you will always be more effective if you can get your ad to focus on one goal or action you want you audience to take. Focus on that one action and repeat it three times.

Good post Eugene!

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