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Having an event advertising alignment process

Back in 2006, I was introduced to the marketing genius of Eben Pagan. Eben's focus is on selling dating advice and business growth advice. Both of the previous topics are seemingly unrelated, yet fascinatingly intertwined.

Eben is also known for being one of the best direct response marketing experts in the world. Because of his track record of success and several strong recommendations, I joined Eben's high-end training program called Guru Mastermind. It was in a word, extraordinary.

What I learned and implemented from Eben's program has generated tens of millions of dollars in ticket sales for clients. Here's one of the strategies Eben discussed around "advertising alignment."

What's that?

It's a strategy that focuses on organizing all your advertising strategically and carefully aligning it from start to finish. The same applies to any marketing process.

Here's an example of advertising misalignment. Yesterday, there was an online banner ad for our local airport. The banner ad referenced getting away from our currently cold winter to a warm and sunny location.

After clicking on the airport ad, you are redirected to a generic page full of arrival and departure schedules. There was no lead gen, no offer, no references to anything warm and sunny!

Contrast the above with an advertisement with proper alignment. Each step in the advertising process should be mapped through. Here are two simple questions to keep you on the right path:

Does the ad copy and design relate to where a user is being directed after they click?

After they click, does the copy of the page that the user is taken to directly relate to the ad?

Is there an offer or lead generation opportunity on the landing page?

After reading this, I encourage you to go out and click on a few banner ads. Are the advertisements you click on in alignment? Take note of the discrepancies and make sure your ads are in alignment, from start to finish.

Get your event promotions aligned! Check out the links below: