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Drowning Your Event Prospects with Advertising Details

It is very easy to lose your event prospect in advertising minutia. In today’s world of more outrageous marketing there is a constant battle for the hearts and minds of your target market. Take for example print advertising. How many print advertisements for an event have you seen that are crammed full of every possible detail? They give you dates, location, parking, sponsors, ticket prices, web sites, etc. More information isn’t always better . . . especially if the info isn't relevant to the prospect. You run the risk of drowning your prospect in so many details that they ignore what you’re trying to get them to do in the first place - show up to your event.

Consider putting yourself in the prospect’s shoes. Which of the following are you more likely to notice?

  1. An advertisement crammed with a ton of irrelevant details.
  2. An advertisement with the information that is of interest to you.

For print advertising of your event consider using a simple direct marketing formula. Focus on advertising to your prospect with strong Headlines, Benefits, and a Calls to Action.

Catch the prospect’s attention with a powerful headline.  The headline should speak in simple and empathetic terms that your prospect can easily understand. Ask them a question or make a bold statement that directly relates to their desires. You need to grab them by the eyeballs.

Tell your prospect what they’ll get out of attending your event. Benefits fulfill the desires or solve a problem prospect is experiencing. Event benefits can be as simple as offering your prospect a little excitement, insight, intrigue, or laughter. Remember to frame the benefits in terms of what’s important to your prospect and fulfills their needs and desires.

Call to Action
Listing your web address in the details isn’t enough. You need to give them a good reason to visit your web site. It might be discount tickets, exclusive offers, or insider information.  Your web site is the best opportunity that you have at delivering additional high quality information about your event and capturing leads.

If you’re thinking of doing any print advertising be different by being simple and really giving your target market a reason to listen. Use some of the above suggestions to distinguish yourself in the type of print advertising you do for your event.

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