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Marketing & chaos the week of your event

Crushing dreams & aspirations for profit

Today's question: "How do I decide on a profitable, entertaining event to market?"

It starts with avoiding creativity and a "new kind of event people have never seen before!"

Put bluntly, stay away from new, untested event niches. Untested is a recipe for event disaster. Especially if you're a newbie event organizer. That is unless you have piles of cash to burn or years of successful experience producing niche events.

Yes, the words above would be considered "mean" by most people. It's a perspective that potentially crushes the dreams and aspirations of new event organizers. It's also grounded in the reality of twenty years of real-world event experience.

I've personally seen newbie event organizers dip into their retirement funds and not pay performers at their events, to cover financial shortfalls. Those failed events left their organizers embarrassed and publicly humiliated.

If you'd like to avoid embarrassment, shame, and public humiliation, I recommend the following tedious and unambitious approach to events ...

Look toward events or event ideas that have a longstanding and proven track record. That's the reason I intently focus on very niched outdoor events. All the client event niches where I focus my efforts have proven themselves financially, since before I was born.

To some, the above approach might seem dull and unexciting, because it is! It will also prevent you from going broke.

More importantly, it gives you the highest probability of success. Don't try and reinvent the wheel, go ethically borrow it from someone else!

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