An event radio advertisement fail
"Location, location, location!"

65 Minutes of Outdoor Event Promotion Insight

Recently, I was interviewed by Mike Gastin for "The Currency" podcast. Mike brings in experts from various marketing disciplines and excels at asking insightful questions. One listener said of the interview, "Eugene Loj dropped some bombs!" My promise to you ... listen to the interview, and you'll get at least one profitable event idea.

A few of the podcast highlights include:

  • A $400,000 USD event bet on one's favorite music artist
  • Three main datapoints every event organizer needs to know and the critical data question you need to ask
  • "Geopolitical Socio-Economics" and being human
  • Event modeling lessons from Tomorrowland
  • Where to focus your efforts for maximum event success

Please consider subscribing to Mike's weekly podcast "The Currency." Even though the topics aren't event specific, there are plenty of ideas and expertise to get you thinking. Remember, a good marketer is always sharpening their skills!

My thanks again to Mike. Let me know what you think.

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