"Hookers host . . . Wine Tasting event!"
Are you exceeding their expectations?

Stop effing around & do it already

Two weeks ago, I was honored to speak in Athens to an audience from over 25 different countries. After my talk, a few event organizers approached me to ask questions. One event organizer caught my attention. He told me about his 8,000-person email database that had yet to receive a single email.


Before emailing his database, he wanted to first create a brand and select performers for his event. Basically, he's afraid. That's part of being human. And as a recovering (and occasional relapsing) perfecting procrastinator, fear causes the loss of amazing opportunities. Both in life and in business.

My recommendation (and a reminder to self) is if you fear something, implement what you fear as quickly as possible. "Email that list of 8,000 today, good sir!" You might scare the $hit out of yourself and a few other people, but you'll be ok. You might even be great!

Here's the exciting part of bulldozing past your fears … (bulldozing, because overcoming fear ain't easy!)

One of my biggest challenges with clients is getting them to do the opposite of what they want. Clients are afraid to implement that which they fear, even with a preponderance of hard data and results.

Years ago, a client said to me, "that thing makes my website look like a g**damn infomercial, take it off!" That "thing" generated over $40,000 USD of ticket sales for their previous event. They didn't care!

The extraordinary part is 90% of client success is by getting them to do that which terrifies them. And the achievements are astronomical! Yet we waste countless project hours effing around and having stupid debates. Just go do it already! In the rare instance when things do go bad, it's laughable. e.g., Lost $125 USD of advertising spend on $400,000 USD of ticket revenue.

My challenge to you - do a little homework and implement that which you fear today.
I bet you will find that doing that which you fear will take less time - than all the time you spent worrying!

That "thing" my client hated will be in the first "Event Profit Report."

To your success,


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