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Thomas Edison & Highly Successful People

This article is based on Michael Michalko’s research into the creative thinking exemplified by Thomas Edison. Mr. Michalko is one of the world's foremost experts on creative thinking.

Try, Try Again . . .
Would you be willing to try something thousands of times to make your web site or business successful?
If Thomas Edison was still around today he wouldn’t flinch at making that many mistakes with his business, event, or online endeavors. If you want to be successful online, focus on being tenacious and determined. Where you start and where you end up are usually worlds apart . . .

"Thomas Edison, while pondering how to make a carbon filament, was mindlessly toying with a piece of putty, turning and twisting it in his fingers, when he looked down at his hands, the answer hit him between the eyes: twist the carbon like rope.

B.F. Skinner summarized a first principle of scientific methodologists: when you find something interesting, drop everything else and study it. Too many fail to answer opportunity's knock at the door because they have to finish some preconceived plan. Creative geniuses do not wait for the gifts of chance; instead, they actively seek the accidental discovery."

Michalko, p 228, Cracking Creativity: The Secrets of Creative Genius

Far From Perfect
Edison was considered a genius, hence most people don’t think they’re capable of the same level of thinking.  In fact, Thomas Edison never had a true formal education (didn't go to university), most likely had ADD, and was almost completely deaf in one ear.  What separated Edison form other people was his creativity, tenacity, and approach to problem solving. You don't need to be a genius to try something multiple times.

The Edisonian Methodology
Thomas Edison’s methodology falls directly inline with the biggest  internet success fundamentals.  Try as many times as it takes until you achieve your online goal. If you don’t succeed analyze the failure and try it another way.  Most people respond with “I won’t waste my time trying to figure this out” or the classic, “I don’t have the time.” Those simple statements separate the successful people from the unsuccessful online and elsewhere.

You can try many things with your web site that don’t cost you any additional money, just time. Take a lesson from Edison's methodology: “You can only fail at something so many times before you are successful.” There aren't mistakes, only lessons to be learned.

My personal friends, who are doing amazingly well online didn’t get it right the first time or after the hundredth time. They stuck at it - Focus on being tenacious and determined.  One friend gets over 40,000 visitors a day to his web site. On his best day he’ll pull 60,000 visitors.  Another successful friend sells t-shirts online and converts leads at a rate of over 30%.  The t-shirt business is a highly competitive online market. Their success didn't come overnight. It took years to get both their web sites where they are today.

Be tenacious and determined with everything you do in life!

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