Massive Untapped Event Revenue Awaits You
This is GUARANTEED at your next event

Are you "spaced out" in your mind?

A recurring mindset I hear from event organizers, "we don't have enough space to do ... X,Y, or Z!"

Until a few years ago, that assertion seemed perfectly logical. I also didn't have any hard data that showed otherwise.

That was until some fascinating findings came to light.

An amazing European client opened my eyes to better space utilization. Compared to North American clients in the same niche, the European client's revenue per square meter/foot is astronomical.

When I show North American clients what the Europeans are doing – jaws hit the floor! It's one of those ... "There isn't enough space to do that!" The funny thing is the Europeans have a 35+ year track record of success, with a fraction of the space.

I also don't believe the use of event space is niche specific.

In the "Cash or credit? And what the dummies do" email, I wrote about two ethnic festivals. Both 4-day outdoor events. One event grosses USD 100K in food and beverage, the other USD 300K. The higher grossing ethic festival has approximately 55% less space to utilize.

To be fair, there are always additional factors at play. Each event is unique. That said, I challenge you and your team to think differently. Don't just dismiss your ability to produce event revenue on "not having enough space."

Ask yourself, "could we be utilizing our event space better and produce more revenue?"

Get out there and look at what events are doing. Remember the email on event modeling. There is an excellent chance that someone has figured out a solution to the space issue in your niche.

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