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Greetings from the frozen and snow filled Rochester, New York.  Over the past 24 hours almost two feet of snow have fallen.  Today the roads were a mess and more than a few businesses and organizations have been adversely affected. There are few things in this world that have as much indirect impact on a business as weather.  Thought you can’t control the weather there are certain actions you can take to minimize its impact.  One such action is using your web site and the Internet to keep your users or customers better informed when the weather throws you a curve ball.

The Ability to Quickly Communicate
Use the Internet to counteract the unpredictability of Mother Nature. The Internet offers you the ability to disseminate information in a very rapid fashion.  If a business is impacted by the weather you can use the Internet to inform employees and staff using the web. Compare and contrast one simple email blast to the time it takes to contact people over the telephone.  One important caveat is making sure your message is easily understood.  Emails or text messages can be easily misunderstood, stay clear and concise.

Multiple Channels
There are multiple channels for contacting people via the internet: web page, email, and messaging services. The first place you can start to inform people is right on your home page.  A simple update to a web site might be all that is required, if people know to check the web site for updates.  One example is a school district that is closed because of inclement weather.  An updated to the school web site helps parents in not having to search aimlessly to find information via more traditional forms of media.  They’re only a few words or a bookmark away from additional formation. 

Outdoor Events
Do you have an outdoor event?  It can be anything from a sporting event to an airshow.  The weather forecasters try their best, but they aren't always right. Airshows can lose thousands in potential revenue because of an incorrect weather forecast.  All it takes is the implication of inclement weather and people won't show up.  If you have emails for your patrons, use that to your advantage. 

Use technology to your advantage.  It can save you time and money. There are several options to choose from.  The Internet provides you an opportunity to send one universal message to countless people almost instantaneously.

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