Event Promotion - Social Media MISTAKE #4: Avoiding Paid Social Media Advertising
What Nobody Will Ever Tell You About Promoting Your Event

Event Promotion - Social Media MISTAKE #5: Not Measuring the Results of Your Hard Work

At an annual event convention, I attend every year, there is at least one dedicated education session on social media. The social media sessions are one of the most attended sessions at the convention.


One year at one of the social media marketing sessions, a woman by the name of Kerry Ward the single best social media marketing tip anyone could adopt: “If you do anything with social media make sure you track the effectiveness of your efforts.” Some people take issues with such simple advice. The irony is that not only is the advice simple, it is also amazingly powerful!

If you implement only one suggestion from this series, focus on tracking the effectiveness of your social media efforts. During the 2016 International Council of Air Shows annual convention, I conducted an informal survey at the “Putting Social Media to Work Throughout Your Air Show Business” education session. The outcome was shocking. Out of the 50+ event organizers engaging in social media marketing for their air shows, just one person was tracking their social media efforts to ticket sales. You must ask yourself, “Why engage in social media if you aren’t able to quantify the result of your hard work?”

PROFIT ACTION: Post Then Measure, Measure, Measure

If you are going to use social media as a marketing tool, you must have a comprehensive results oriented approach. That involves posting a piece of content that drives a particular call-to-action with a quantifiable result. By using Facebook’s ad manager or Power Editor, you can laser target the people most interested in attending your event and track effectiveness to ticket sales and attendance. Heck, you should couple your Facebook targeting and tracking with Google Analytics. Tracking is the name of the game, and it’s never been easier!

Even the implementation can be ridiculously simplistic. Ready for this? There are marketers out there getting results that the largest ad agencies in the world would drool over. How are they doing it? They’re using annotations within Google Analytics. Annotionation are tiny little notes within Google Analytics.

To get additional context on the above mistake, click on the link below:

Here are some additional social media resources you can use to market your event:

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