Measuring Your Social Media Event Promotion Efforts
Do You Make These Social Media Mistakes with Your Event?

The Downside of Promoting Your Event with Social Media

For all the things that can be done with social media, there is one significant downside . . . once you start you cannot stop. My intention here isn't to dissuade you, but make you aware of what's needed to promote your event with social media. In today's information hungry world you can't afford to stop producing high quality RELEVANT content. People expect information and your competition will pray upon any passivity.

Watch the video below. It expounds some very important points on social media marketing . . .

Is Social Media Overrated? (A Great Debate!)

Take the time to look at how Gary Vaynerchuk (from the video above) engages his target markets with social media. He "crushes" out great content on a regular basis at both and The key to Gary's success is working "his face off!" He tries his best to respond to every email or Twitter comment he receives. That level of commitment and interaction is a big reason who Gary has 850,000+ Twitter followers and 58,000+ "Likes" on his Facebook page. It take hard work and long term commitment!

In my own experience, I see a direct correlation between publishing content, traffic, and leads. If I don't post content on a regular basis, my traffic and leads go down. In some cases the decrease is pretty significant. Search engines love HTML content. If you don't give the search engines what they want, they could drop you down a few spots. 

Think Long Term
If you're going to use social media to promote your event, look at your strategy from a long term perspective.  Don't start up any social media marketing, unless you are willing to commit long term. Gone are the days when you could just post content a few times a month. People expect good information on a regular basis. In social media you need to interact with your target market . . . listen to what they are saying and carry on a meaningful conversation.

The Bottom Line
What's the bottom line to this rant? If you're going to use social media to promote your event, "fasten your seat belts and get ready for the long haul!" In order to thrive in social media landscape, you need to constantly bang out relevant content that your target market cares about. Are you ready to do what it takes? If not, not a problem! There are countless other ways to promote your event online.

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Thanks for stopping by the blog and the comment!

- Eugene

Roman Jakubowycz

Great post Eugene. Once again it's about quality and not quantity. There's a lot of noise in cyberspace so you need to be extraordinary to be heard.

We tell our clients to understand why they want to use social media and how it fits in with their business strategy. Maybe even more important is how will it fit in with their marketing strategy.

I'm sure you'll like this. And make sure you know how you are going to measure and recognize success.

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