Event Promotion Social Media MISTAKE #1: Putting Your Social Media Mindset Ahead of Theirs
How to Pack Your Event & Skyrocket Advance Ticket Sales

Event Promotion - Social Media MISTAKE #2: Focusing Too Much on Likes & Followers

After reading the title, you are probably thinking to yourself, “how the heck is focusing on social media likes and followers a bad thing?”

Two arbitrary scoring methods people love to brag about on social media are likes and followers. How often have you heard or thought to yourself: “Did you see how many likes that post received?” or “Wow, their Facebook page has an astronomical number of followers, I wish we had those numbers!” Far too many social media efforts focus on getting the maximum number of likes and followers. On the surface, this seems like the perfectly logical thing to do. However, here’s why it is a GIANT red-herring:

After years of social media testing and tracking with event clients,
data shows that some of the most profitable Facebook posts
often have the lowest amount of likes and shares

How is That Even Possible?
Because, the number of people who like your social media pages is rarely, if ever, proportionate to those who attend your event. Here’s an example. One event we worked with, in 2017, had only 193-page likes on their Facebook page. The event’s top Facebook post received only 12 likes.

That event went on to sell over $60,000 of VIP tickets, and they did not charge admission to attendees! At the same time, I have also seen events with 75,000+ Facebook followers get less than 100 people attending their free event. So, please be careful not to overemphasize likes and followers.

PROFIT ACTION: Focus on Building Relationships and Interactions
Instead of focusing on likes, shares, and followers . . . focus on building quality relationships and interactions. It is called social media for a reason. Be social with your followers!

Concentrate on the quality of the relationship that you have with your followers. Post good and engaging content that’s both relevant to your event and interesting to your followers. If someone comments on your post, go beyond generically thanking them. Post a personal reply to their comment and show genuine appreciation. Your kind words can go a long way.

Use your social media platforms to deliver great digital customer service, before, during, and after your event.

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