Event Promotion - Social Media MISTAKE #2: Focusing Too Much on Likes & Followers
Event Promotion - Social Media MISTAKE #4: Avoiding Paid Social Media Advertising

Event Promotion - Social Media MISTAKE #3: Trying to Engage on Too Many Social Media Platforms

Here’s a very common question regarding promoting one’s event and social media … "Which social media platform should I focus on: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter?" The previous question is made even more complicated by new platforms constantly launching. Allow me to make a strong and straightforward recommendation. Want to know what the single greatest social media platform is for your event? Facebook! Yes, even in spite of Facebook's recent criticism and issues regarding Cambridge Analytica. I'm a firm believer that user privacy is paramount!

Targeting Tools
The recommendation is not because of the sheer number of people who use Facebook, but because of the depth of marketing tools, they make available to you. Facebook’s marketing tools allow you to quantify your advertising and marketing efforts in multiple ways that go well beyond likes and shares. Facebook’s powerful targeting tools are used by the savviest and most successful marketers on the Internet. However, there is a catch in accessing Facebook’s powerful marketing tools. Look at Mistake #4 for the answer.

PROFIT ACTION - Focus on Marketing Fundamentals
Technology is constantly changing, and social media tools evolve daily. Instead of chasing the next shiny object, focus on the fundamentals. Technology will constantly evolve and create change, but the fundamentals remain constant.

One of the most powerful marketing fundamentals to apply with your online event promotion efforts is direct response marketing. If you post anything on social media, measure your efforts to a result. In other words, measure everything you do with social media to a ticket sale. If the only thing you do moving forward is measure your efforts to ticket sales, it will revolutionize your event promotion efforts.

If you disagree with anything above, an old classic is still applicable. Master one discipline (platform), before moving on to the next one.

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