5 Costly Social Media Marketing Mistakes Every Event Organizer Must Avoid!
Event Promotion - Social Media MISTAKE #2: Focusing Too Much on Likes & Followers

Event Promotion Social Media MISTAKE #1: Putting Your Social Media Mindset Ahead of Theirs

Please consider the following question: When you go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your social media platform of choice do you do so with the idea that you are going to be productive? Most likely not!

People do not go on social media to think. They go on social media to be entertained and engaged. People want to see what their family and friends are doing, watch funny animal videos, or the latest rant of a friend who disagrees with their politics.

Social media is an escape hatch, so your efforts to market an event are competing with family, friends, and escapism. You need to cut through the noise.


How to Cut Through All That Noise
How do you cut through all the noise? Engage your audience’s emotions, not their logic. Consumers buy on emotion and justify with logic. When you post about your event to social media, let it have a visceral emotional response. As one of my marketing mentors once told me regarding promoting air shows, “Just because you’re super passionate about airplanes doesn’t mean your air show ticket buyers feel the same way.” Most air show attendees are more interested in entertainment than airplanes. The same fundamentals apply to any event organizer.

Ask yourself, “What are your event attendees passionate about regarding your event?” There is a high probability that what they think and you think are polar opposites. So, if you’re going to post on social media about your event, you need to make it as compelling and interesting as possible.

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