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P.T. Barnum's Tenets of Super Effective Marketing (Part I)

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There exists one of the most forsaken educational institutions on the face of Earth.  Anyone with a little dedication can get the equivalent of a college or masters degree in almost any subject area.  Any guesses as to what it might be?  No, it's not the Internet.  Most people already know that I'm hinting about the second most obvious choice, your local library. I firmly believe libraries to be one of the greatest of educational opportunities in the world.


Proven Information
The nice thing about the library, unlike the Internet, is that most of the information in libraries have a decent amount of credibility.  Though you can't ensure that everything in a library's collection is 100% accurate. I'd argue that it is far more credible than the Internet. Too many people read something online and consider it to be fact. It is difficult to know who to trust online.  It is only a matter of time before some inaccurate blog post creates a major international incident if it hasn't already happened.

Educate Yourself For Free  
Libraries are a great resource for any professional, entrepreneur, or event promoter.
  It allows you to satiate your desire for knowledge. Best of all it is free - provided your library books aren't overdue.  I've acquired a vast amount of knowledge courtesy of my local library.  A nearby branch had the best collection of Internet resources available locally and I took full advantage of it.

The Human Search Engine
Libraries also have their own version of search engines known as Librarians.  Librarians do a great job of pointing you in the right direction and might suggest additional resources. 

Leveraging and Your Library's Catalog
One of my favorite research techniques is utilizing and my library's online catalog. Using the technique below will minimize your chances of reading books that aren't helpful or interesting.

  1. Go to and select "Books" from the Search drop down menu.
  2. Enter keywords on the desired topic area(s) into the search box and Press Go.
  3. After you get results, look at the "Sort By" pull down menu and select
    "Avg. Customer Review." Press Go.
  4. Note the top rated titles. Copy down the ISBN number or book title.
  5. Check your library's catalog to see which high ranking titles are available.
  6. BONUS: If the library doesn't have the book, they might be able to purchase it for you.

Your library is one of the great local services you have available.  Take advantage of it!

Event Marketing and Promotion Books

Below are some of the best books for improving your event promotion and marketing skills. You should be able to find the books in most local libraries or a nearby bookstore.

There's a Customer Born Every Minute:
P.T. Barnum's Amazing 10 "Rings of
Power" for Creating Fame, Fortune,
and a Business Empire Today Guaranteed!

Author:  Joe Vitale

ISBN-10: 0471784621
ISBN-13: 978-0471784623

Permission Marketing:
Turning Strangers Into Friends And
Friends Into Customers

Author:  Seth Godin

ISBN-10: 1416526668
ISBN-13: 978-1416526667

All Marketers Are Liars:
The Power of Telling Authentic Stories
in a Low-Trust World

Author:  Seth Godin

ISBN-10: 1591841003
ISBN-13: 978-1591841005

Getting Everything You Can
Out of All You've Got:
21 Ways You Can Out-Think,
Out-Perform, and Out-Earn
the Competition

Author:  Jay Abraham

ISBN-10: 0312284543
ISBN-13: 978-031228454

How to Write a Good Advertisement
Author: Victor O. Schwab

ISBN-10: 0879803975
ISBN-13: 978-0879803971

Tested Advertising Methods
Author: John Caples

ISBN-10: 0130957011
ISBN-13: 978-0130957016

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