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The TV Advertising Test

Does your TV ad pass the following test?

At the local gym, there is a row of television sets that display the major U.S. networks. There is a little bit of something for everyone ... news, sports, home and garden channels, etc.

There is one catch to watching television at the gym. Unless you bring your own headphones and plug into a supporting piece of exercise equipment, there is no sound. Occasionally, some of the stations have closed captioning, but not for the commercials.

Before you produce your next tv commercial, ask yourself the following ...

Does your television commercial convey the most critical marketing points without audio (sound)?

Those marketing points are the big takeaways that you want people to remember from your commercial. Most of the commercials that I see at the gym fail to convey meaningful information without the accompanying audio. As a result, a missed marketing opportunity!

The question on sound isn't just applicable to the gym. The same applies at a local bar, restaurant, or any place where televisions are viewable to the public. Depending on your local population, that can be a significant number of people.

If your television commercial is only seen, what are the two or three main points that you want watchers to take away? If you can convey those main points without sound, your commercial with audio will be even better. Make sure your television commercials stand on their own, without any sound!

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