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The Timing of Your Event Promotion

Do you know what information might be important to prospective event attendees at any given moment? Over the last few posts I’ve mentioned the importance of information over time.  Just because you have a 5, 10, or 20 page event web site doesn’t mean that people are looking at all the information in one sitting. Online directions to your event might garner the most attention a few days before the event, but mean little or nothing to an attendee months before the event. It’s important to take stock of what information is important to an attendee at various moments.

How do I find out what’s important to people?
Two great places to start looking at what’s important to prospective event attendees is by looking at incoming emails and your web statistics.

Email is a great place to get into the mind of event attendees. In most cases the emails you’re receiving will give you a very good idea of what’s important to your prospective attendees at any given moment. People will literally spell out what’s of interest to them. If you get several emails a week asking about tickets to your event, that’s going to tell you something. Are you doing something with that information?

Web Stats
Your web statistics will also give you an excellent idea of what information is important to people. What are the top pages that people are looking at on your web site?  Are they neglecting any pages that contain potentially important information?  It’s important to focus on trends and making sure you’re giving people the information they seek.

Try correlating your statistics with incoming emails.  The information will help you in creating a better understanding of your consumer.

Internet users have a comparatively low attention span.  If the information isn't at their finger tips they might abandon their search or look elsewhere. In terms of event marketing, this could mean the loss of event attendees. If you know what’s important to your target market at any given moment you can do a better job of presenting the information more effectively.

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