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Mushy, unicorn and rainbow event questions

After every event, we send a Customer Experience Assessment (CEA) for Platinum clients. Without getting into the weeds, a CEA is basically a supercharged survey. The most significant difference between the CEA and a traditional survey are the probing questions being asked.

To date, almost a million words of event feedback have been collected with CEAs for North American and European events. And the event attendee feedback is nothing short of extraordinary.

When a CEA gets shared with new clients, it's usually followed with a very uncomfortable reaction. Some of the first phrases said by clients newly exposed to CEA questions are, "we can't ask those questions" or "those questions are very negative!" Maybe. But, if you want meaningful answers regarding your event, stop asking mushy questions.

Here's the bottom line on your post-event surveys. If you're serious about improving your event, you need to ask tough survey questions. And those tough questions are going to scare the heck out of you and your team.

If you don't ask questions tough questions, you're hurting your event. How so?

Because events that ask "positive" mushy, unicorn and rainbow questions like, "what was your favorite part of our event?" are setting themselves up for failure.

It's simple. If you never receive any negative feedback about your event, (or unwilling to do so) how are you supposed to improve your event? I don't believe you can.

After your next event, be sure to ask tough questions. The questions asked should be worded to evoke feedback that helps you improve your event. Your event experience and ticket sales will improve!

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