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A Great Event Survey Question - When Disaster Strikes

When an event doesn't turn out well - things can get pretty dicey. If big bucks are on the line, the "reason why the event failed" debate can get even more heated. In most cases, the failure of an event usually comes down to poor attendance. It's pretty simple . . . Low attendance = not enough revenue to pay the bills. In order to fix your attendance woes your going to need some concrete answers.

The Danger of Unqualified Opinions
Let me be brutally honest  . . . Any opinion without data is an unqualified opinion. It doesn't matter your level of experience or educational credentials. Events crash and burn because of UNQUALIFIED opinions. In order to answer why people didn't attend your event, you need to reach out to your target market.

The Survey Question to Ask
By the time your event finishes, you should have a prospect and customer list. Conduct a simple survey to your PROSPECT list and ask them one simple question. Here's the question to ask, "What was the BIGGEST reason you didn't buy a ticket for (YOUR EVENT NAME)?" You can rejig the question if you have a free event. The purpose of the question is to identify why people didn't attend your event.

Never expect people to give you valuable feedback without asking them, because it just doesn't happen. Regardless of the instant communication world we live in, most people need to be coaxed for their opinion.

Use a Comment Box
I recommend using a comment field to collect survey data, as opposed to a multiple choice box. Using a comment box allows survey respondents the ability to fill in their own answers. The challenge with multiple choice is that you might be forcing people to select the closest reason, as opposed to the actual reason.

If you want to go the extra mile on this one, verify that ONLY the people who didn't purchase tickets to your event are getting this specific email questions. Ideally you should have a segmented list of prosects and customers after your event. Check the links BELOW for specifics on surveying your target market.

If Your Event ISN'T a Failure . . .
You should still ask the question above. Any insight as to why people didn't buy tickets to your event is extremely valuable.

It's much easier to speculate why people didn't attend your event, versus, actually knowing why people didn't attend. Put your efforts into getting good data from your target market of prospects. You will do your event a tremendous amount of good by making dating driven decisions.

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Without concrete data, trying to reason why an event failed is speculation at best.


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