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Question: "When do I start selling tickets to my event?"

One of the most common questions I receive is, "Eugene, do you have any suggestion on when to start selling tickets to my event?"

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Here's an all-too-common phrase: "We have to get tickets on sale as quickly as possible so that people can buy early!" This "logic" gets applied regularly to event marketing campaigns. There is one major flaw with this thinking: it's completely wrong!

I've seen event organizers flounder for months in the hope of generating advance ticket sales. Remember, just because your tickets are on sale doesn't mean that people are interested in buying them. That last sentence is significant! Because a key factor in poor ticket sales is the lack of a compelling reason for your consumers to buy right now!

"Your advance ticket sales are directly proportionate to the amount of DEMAND that you create for your event, NOT to how far in advance the tickets are sold."

A Very Important Note on Demand

Ultimately, the level of demand is determined by your customers and prospects. Most event organizers create events that are built around their personal wants, not around what their target market wants. This is a colossal mistake, and it results in events that are doomed to fail before they open the admission gate! I see event spectators being bored with poorly selected entertainment all the time. Remember, no amount of ad spending can make amends for an event that people just don't want to attend.

Build your event around what your target market really wants! Doing so will create demand and skyrocket your advance ticket sales.
By creating massive demand, our clients have driven their advanced ticket sales up to $100,000 in 60 minutes. This happens months before their events actually take place, and in some cases, they don't have to spend a dime on advertising. You can do the same!

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