Why Setting Your Event Ticket Price by Committee is a Bad Idea
Precisely Track Your Event Marketing and Advertising Dollars

The Single Most Valuable Event Promotion Resource

If you are selling your event tickets offline (i.e., at a sponsor’s place of business, a local grocery store, a local business, etc.), you are most likely giving up your SINGLE MOST VALUABLE promotion resource—the customer’s contact information!


This mistake is an extension of "Ouch! Wasting Your Money on Something That You’ve Already Paid For ..." In that article the solution was to build and cultivate your customer database. The easiest, most powerful way to build your customer database is by selling tickets online. In most cases with online ticket sales, you will be able to collect your customers’ names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers, at the very minimum. That makes for a very powerful dataset.

These datasets are powerful tools that can be used to identify repeat “loyal” customers and other consumption patterns (for example.: geographic trends, demographics, and psychographic buying behaviors). Armed with this sort of information, targeted marketing campaigns—when done properly—can quickly eliminate massive amounts of wasted advertising dollars.

Profit Action
Selling tickets offline causes you to lose critical data points while concurrently giving this valuable dataset to other businesses for free! In some cases, you might be paying them (if they charge a service) fee, plus giving them your customer data.

As I tell clients all the time, “Forget Facebook. Forget the fancy webpage or even the greatest whiz-bang marketing technology. Simply give me a proven list of hungry event customers who WANT what you have, and I’ll make you a mint!” When you sell all of your tickets online, you are rapidly building a list of customers who you can market to in the future.

Here are some additional resources regarding advance online ticket sales for events:


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