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How to Generate Leads & Sell Advance Tickets with Your Event Web Site - Part II

How to Generate Leads & Sell Advance Tickets with Your Event Web Site - Part I

Event_Leads_Web_SiteThere is a big difference between an event web site and an event web site that lives up to its potential. A dedicated event web site is one of the best lead-generation tools in your event marketing arsenal. Heck, in many cases it’s better than any social media platform. Frank Kern, a top Internet marketing guru, summed up online lead generation like this: “Absolutely nothing can replace the significance, importance, and long-term profitability of having a good targeted list with which you have an excellent relationship.” Your web site is critical in lead generation.

Over the past ten years, I’ve witnessed the amazing results of well-executed online lead generation campaigns. In 2008, a client used their event web site to generate 4,000 brand-new leads. They were able to convert 31% of those online leads into over $100,000 of advance ticket sales. What follows is a brief outline of their simple strategy. You can use the same strategy to generate high-quality leads online, and then convert those leads into advance ticket sales.

Web-Centric Marketing Model
Your web site needs to be at the center of all your event marketing and advertising. This includes everything from television to print, radio, and all the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Here’s the really important part: It isn’t enough to include your web address in your advertising.

Your web address needs to be coupled with a compelling reason to visit your event web site. It could be something as simple as, “Visit (name of your site) and sign up for exclusive ticket offers and insider information not available to the public.” You must create a hook that strongly

resonates with your target market. If people don’t respond, you don’t have a strong enough hook.

Go for Quality, not Quantity of Leads
Concentrate on driving high-quality leads to your web site. A big list is ineffective if it consists of low-quality leads. A ton of low-quality traffic will result in low quality leads. Remember, your web site acts as a natural traffic filter. The majority of visitors to your web site have some degree of interest in your event. The more targeted your marketing and advertising, the better the leads you will generate.

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