The Most Important Reason to Sell Tickets Online
How to Avoid Worrying About People Showing Up to Your Event

Ideas to Sell More Tickets for Your Next Event

by Eugene Loj

Sell_more_event_ticketsThe notion of selling additional tickets to your event is hard to resist. Wanting to sell more tickets is great, but many event organizers struggle just to sell enough tickets.

What follows are  ideas for maximizing your ticket sales (including the strategy of selling fewer tickets to make more money). Each point is supported by additional article links expanding on the subject area. 

You might be just a click away from an idea that will make your event extra money.  Here we go …

Do You Have an Alluring Event People Can't Help But Attend?
A highly desired event is the single biggest factor in selling MORE tickets. Far too many event organizers think just because they have an event, people will attend. It doesn’t work that way. If you want a financially successful event … There should be little, if any, convincing to get someone to buy a ticket.

As a site note … Be extremely careful if you’re planning a “never done before” event. The risks of failure are extremely high. If you want to try brand new event, START small and test. Only go big with your NEW event concept after it’s proven in the marketplace.

Have a Marketing Campaign and Web Site that Sell!
A visually stunning marketing campaign is useless if it doesn’t drive ticket sales. Your visuals include everything from your web site to advertising design. Everything counts! Most graphic designers don’t have a clue how to PROPERLY design your event marketing pieces to boost ticket sales.  The individual who designs your marketing materials should have a proven track record in direct response marketing. Direct response marketers get your event measurable results.

The Irresistible Offer
At the heart of direct response design is compelling and persuasive copy. Do the words on your promotional materials DRIVE people to purchase tickets? It isn’t enough to just slap a series of “BUY NOW” buttons on your event web site ticket page. Each word on every piece of marketing must earn its place.

If you want to sell more tickets for your event, you need to present the consumer with an irresistible ticket offer. When they see your ticket offer, they can’t help but buy. The easiest way to evoke an “I can’t help myself” buying urge is with discount pricing. Discounting your ticket prices (smartly) is an easy way to drive both advance and total ticket sales. In order for discount tickets to work, you must carefully track your sales.  It’s imperative that you are driving additional revenue with discount, NOT giving it up.

Sell Fewer Tickets, Make More Money
It’s fairly easy to get caught up in the notion of selling a lot of tickets. But what if you could make more money by selling fewer tickets? What seems a bit counterintuitive can be very lucrative. Consider offering VIP or premium tickets for your event. VIP tickets are a great way to generate huge returns, while selling less tickets. 

One client generates around $100,000 a year by selling just 900 VIP tickets for their FREE event!  Another client sold over $175,000 of tickets for their event last year, 40% of their total revenue was premium and VIP tickets. The world is full of people who are willing to pay top dollar (in spite of economic conditions) to experience your event in an extraordinary way.

You don't have to use every idea above, but try to incorporate at least one into your next event.


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