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Event Marketing Ideas for Advertising on the Radio

Radio_ad_event_marketing A few days ago, I critiqued a radio ad for an event promoter. Certain aspects of their ad were reducing potential ticket sales. Specifically, the ad directed people to buy tickets from two completely different web sites. That might seem like a good idea (diversifying), until you consider all the details a listener must remember in a 15 or 30 second radio spot. The more details you pass along in your radio advertisement, the less impact and retention.

Here are some radio advertising suggestions you can take away from example above . . .

Think About Your Radio Promotions From the Listener's Perspective
If you're using radio ads to promote your event, take the time to carefully think through the sales process. It's especially important to consider your radio ad from the listener's perspective. Your radio advertisement is most likely going to be grouped with a number of other ads. Therefore, you're competing against other advertisers for the listener's attention. The question to ask yourself is, "what do I want the listener to take away from my radio ad?"

Emphasize your Dedicated Event Web Site
When it comes to advertising your event on the radio, direct people to one place for additional information. I'm a firm believer that the most important piece of information you want to promote any advertisement is your event web site address.  Ideally your web address should be coupled with a strong call to action. - e.g. "Buy Your Discount Tickets TODAY on" Repeat the call to action two to three times in your spot.

If there are multiple outlets where people can purchase tickets to your event . . . Let them know on your web site ticket page, NOT your radio advertisement. If you try and pass along too much information, you'll clutter up your advertising message. Make it a point to repeat your web address two to three times in a radio spot.

From Radio Ad to Purchasing Event Tickets
Regardless of the form of advertising, make sure you carefully think through the entire sales process. What starts as an advertisement is completed with a ticket purchase. Any bumps in your advertising or sales process will cost you ticket sales for your event.

If you're instructing people to "buy tickets @" on your radio spot, make sure that the web site "buy tickets" link is easy to find. Don't expect people to click around your site, looking for the ticket purchase link . . . It needs to be brutally obvious to the consumer. If not, you're losing ticket sales to poor web site design.

Shopping Cart Abandonment
The last part of the process is getting people to purchase tickets on your web site. They've heard your ad, visited your web site and clicked on the "Buy Tickets" link. One area that is largely ignored by event organizers is shopping cart abandonment. Even though shopping car abandonment is a seperated topic, I want to bring the problem to your attention. People will bail from your shopping cart, without completing an order, before they ever complain to you. Most event organizers don't even consider shopping cart abandonment as a sales concern. If you have a great radio ad that drives people to your web site, make sure you aren't losing sales to shopping cart abandonment.

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