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Today I’m going to reveal where I get some of my best event marketing ideas. It all comes down to one simple technique. My big secret for getting extraordinary event marketing ideas is by picking up the phone and talking with other event marketers and organizers. Some people might be disappointed by that piece of information, but I encourage you to try it! I’m always impressed at how many people are willing to share powerful proven marketing information. During the course of the conversations people have passed along information worth thousands of dollars in time, savings, and revenue.

Where To Start
The best people to interview are those who have a proven track record with successful events. Try to make direct contact with event marketers or actual organizers. Those are the people that have a top-down perspective on any given event.

Make a Great First Impression
All my interviews start with me telling the person I’m interviewing who I am and why I’m calling. If they’re in front of a computer, I send them directly to my web site.  It is the quickest way to show others you’re not some telemarketer. People tend to open up after they see what you look like and what you do. This would probably work tremendously well in the sales world.

Go Make Some Calls
If you get a chance, pick up the phone and call people who’ve run successful events. If you get the right person on the phone, ask the right questions and apply the knowledge, it’s practically guaranteed to help your event.

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