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Online Marketing Fundamentals for Small Business

Recently, I was interviewed by my friends Roman Jakubowycz and Eugene Shatsman of National Strategic. Their company consults with small businesses on integrating successful strategies of Fortune 500 companies.  During the interview we talked about the role of the Internet (as a tool) and some simple marketing strategies any business can start using today.

As Roman put it (sarcastically) … today we’re going to talk about the Internet, “that Utopian existence that’s going to make every business grow JUST by simply putting on a web site and a Facebook page.”
It was a fun interview ... it's not every day you get to sit down with your friends to talk business shop.

My recommendation is to watch the interview above, first. Then, click on the articles below to expand on the topics discussed.

The links below are a series of articles that complement the topics discussed during the interview (all in an event marketing framework) ... There's at least one good idea waiting for you.

Using Social Media to Promote Your Event

Tracking Your Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness

Interacting with Your Customer & Giving Them What They Want

Event Promotion Ideas and Suggestions


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Eugene Loj


Thanks for the opportunity!

All the Best,

- Eugene

Roman Jakubowycz


Thanks for coming on the show and sharing some really great perspectives on Internet Marketing. The additional resources you listed here are great as well.

Thanks Again!

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