2006 ICAS Wrap Up

My time at the ICAS convention is coming to a close.  I finally gave my presentation today and received some great feedback.  It is going to take some time to see if all my efforts are going to pan out. Tonight we have our Gala and then I'm going to spend some time out in Vegas.

I hope that people take some of the advice that I've given out and implement it on their web sites. 

"The Fortune is in the follow up." This has been a term I've heard many times.  During the course of my stay I've collected a number of business cards.  I'm going put this business philosophy to the ultimate test. 

If anyone is interested in some basic search engine optimization techniques I've made my presentation available on airshowtactics.com.

"The Most Fun You Can Have with Your Clothes On"

Do you do something so amazing that other people don't believe it could be true?

This video has never been released to the public until now!

We are all passionate about something.  Here is a video that nicely sums up my biggest passion, flying! Some of the most unique experiences in my life are courtesy of my aviation adventures. In the flying world, I get to be my alter ego “Az.”  Most of my friend's don't believe half my air show stories.  I assure you, "Hollywood can't make this stuff up!"

“Az” doesn’t enjoy straight and level flight.  He craves flying inverted, looping and rolling, while having his body slammed against the seat at 4-7gWhat's "g"? (off-site link)

I’m very thankful to the people who have provided me a path to such a unique journey. Most of my adventures come courtesy of the air show experience. The air show industry can be summed up in one sentence: “It isn’t about the airplane you fly, but it is all about the great people you meet.

The clip comes from my friend, “Wilbur.” The theme is FOD (Foreign Object Debris) in the cockpit.  You don’t want any FOD in the cockpit. If you are spinning around or upside down, it can become a danger.  There is nothing like getting a piece of FOD in your eye, and trying to keep your airplane under control.  Regardless of some occasional FOD in the cockpit, Wilbur was able to do some pretty amazing things and remained the consummate professional.

In the video, you will see Wilbur zoom down the runway, inverted, going 400 MPH, all of this at 150 feet off the ground. Did I mention in some instances he’s only a few feet from his wingman?  "Wilbur" is a testament to the people who give so much to provide us our freedom. Currently, Wilbur is serving on the front lines in Iraq.

What is the business lesson?

If you can make your passion part of your work, you’ll never complain about going to work or how long you have to work!

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