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My number one rule of event content

Most client campaigns are composed of anywhere between 100 to 150 pieces of advertising and marketing content. This content is distributed via both traditional and online mediums. Content can be anything from marketing emails, website updates, social media posts to press releases.

And in case you’re wondering, every client to date started with very light content campaigns. So that means if they’re at 100 pieces of advertising and marketing content now, they were less than 20 pieces of content before we started working together.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’d like to share with you my single strongest event promotion recommendation as it applies to content creation, specifically in the areas of marketing, advertising, and public relations.

When sending out promotional content for your event, never send something just because it’s on your marketing calendar. Every piece of content needs to be well thought out.

Here are just a few content evaluation questions for you and your team to consider:

What’s the ultimate purpose of this single piece of content? And how does this content integrate with our overall advertising and marketing campaign?

Is this piece of content going to sell tickets? Or, will this content generate more interest and leads to our event?

Is the content specifically structured and delivered to meet some of the objectives above (leads and tickets sales)?

The overall objective of the recommendation above is to make sure that your target audience treats you as a welcome guest. That includes everything from their email inbox to their social media feeds.

Thus, my strongest content recommendation to you is never to send a single piece of content that isn’t helping to build and strengthen your relationship with your target market.

Ultimately, every piece of content is leveraged to build a digital relationship with your target audience. And in a world of too much digital noise, a good relationship is a difference-maker!

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