Are you willing to fire your advertising?
Is it the best event experience possible?

What if you could never email again?

Clients have achieved extraordinary results with their email marketing efforts. To their credit, the way clients leverage email marketing is unique amongst their respective niches.

Last year, one client went from generating as much revenue in 23 minutes and 18 seconds as previously took them 263 days, all by using counter-intuitive email marketing strategies. To be fair, it took them five years of hard work to dial in their email marketing strategy.

Needless to say, you should be leveraging email marketing in ways that your competition is not. That said, here is a question I pose to every seasoned event organizer.

"What would you do if you were unable to send another email?"

And to add "insult to injury," the ability to send email just stops. Thus you aren't able to give your list notice or anything.

Yes, the above scenario might seem a bit harsh, but it's critical to have alternatives.

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