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Driving Traffic to Your Event Website

The question: "How do I drive more traffic to my event website?"

Instead of giving you a specific tactic or advertising/marketing channel let me pass along a fundamental. This suggestion is universal across every marketing medium (online or traditional). Even better. It works with all humans on planet Earth, because it's based on human psychology.

In fact, it is something so simple, it's easy to dismiss and forget ...

What is it?

It is a compelling reason why!

A reason someone should visit your website, right now. That means if a person from your target market is driving somewhere, they feel the need to safely pull over and visit your site, immediately!

At a fundamental level, humans are driven by two powerful emotions, fear or greed. That said, can you ethically evoke fear or greed in all your advertising and marketing efforts? (Emphasis on ethically). For events, the emotional drivers of fear or greed could be embodied in a well thought out offer.

One quintessential point on any offer. Just because you think something is noteworthy, doesn't mean your audience feels the same way.

Build the incentive to visit your website around their ego, not yours!

If you're at a loss regarding a significant "reason why," here's a simple suggestion. Include the following phrase in every marketing/PR/and advertising piece you produce: "For more information, visit YOURWEBSITE.com"

That's it!?!? Yes!

And you'd be amazed how often that gets missed in advertising and marketing campaigns. Listing your website is not enough. Remember, tell them what they need to do right now, in no uncertain terms. Implementing the above suggestions is guaranteed to drive more traffic to your website!

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