"Chaotic, dramatic, and stressful" during your event
A Seven Million Dollar Drink

Doubling Down in a Down Turn

Contrary to what the media is reporting, it isn't all doom and gloom in the world. I'm not going to deny that many people are struggling. But it's important to remember that people still want to do things. Some events and industries are thriving despite the COVID.

Opportunities are all over the place for smart and savvy event organizers. One massive possibility that you can take advantage of is discounted advertising rates.

Advertising outlets are so desperate to get advertisers they are offering advertising at a discount. Everyone is discounting their services: television, print, radio, online, etc. especially now that the US election season is over.

It's far less expensive to buy advertising to promote your event. Even with discounted advertising, focus on negotiating your advertising packages even lower.

A trusted media buyer told me that 80% of online advertising goes unsold. Be vigilant in how you negotiate your advertising agreements. Never say yes to the initial price you're quoted.

Advertising advantages go beyond discounted rates. The current economic state has also prompted many businesses to reduce or even eliminate advertising efforts.

It's a psychological effect. Business owners think "other businesses are spending less, we should follow suit." As a result, you have less advertising competing for the consumer's attention. Make sure you don't follow the rest of the flock.

A down economy is an excellent time to gain market share on the competition. You can take advantage of less clutter in the advertising marketplace to position your future event with the public.

If you're thinking of holding an event, the current economy offers you certain advantages. People still want to be entertained, have fun, and learn new things.

It's up to you to provide them something unique and of high perceived value. The opportunity is out there, go and get it. You can get started for as little as $5 USD per day!