Disrupting "the Rhythm of the Page"
What if you could never email again?

Are you willing to fire your advertising?

Before they became a client, a not for profit organization was spending over 25,000 USD a year on one advertising buy.

When it came time for them to decide on making a more substantial investment into my event promotion system, their question to me was "Eugene, how are we going to pay for your services?"

My blunt answer to the soon to be client, "stop spending $25K on advertising that you can't attribute to a single ticket sale."

Ultimately, the organization decided to hire me and did a stellar job of implementing the marketing system. More importantly, the client went on to increase their year over year ticket sales by over 35% without the $25K of ad spend.

It is my firm belief that had the client not hired me, the client would still be spending an extra $25K on ineffective advertising.

Today's recommendation goes along with the marketing meatgrinder email and concept of holding all your advertising ruthlessly accountable.

Before signing any advertising or marketing contracts for 2020, sit down with your team and carefully review the effectiveness of all your advertising and marketing.

Here' the irony of my broken record recommendation. For the hundreds of projects I've worked on over the years a grand total of two companies spent time reviewing their advertising and marketing investments.

What's frustrating is that given all data and tools at their disposal, clients still insist on spending money on wasteful advertising. As always, their event – their business.

I encourage you to be different!

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