You Need to Consider the Other 97%
Do you have great event photos at your fingertips?

The "dirty, ugly" and way under leveraged event promo

This quick nugget comes from an event marketing manager in the UK ...

As a whole, this outdoor UK event runs highly sophisticated marketing campaigns, both online and off. Honestly, some of the best campaigns in the world, with high production quality.

For all the great online content produced by the event organizers above, one content type outperforms all others.

It's dirty, ugly, and wreaks of used car sales person.

What is it?

It's telling people, "Today is the last day to buy, before ticket prices increase."

For the hundreds of pieces of content produced by the Brits, no other content comes close to driving ticket revenue like "last day to buy!"

If you're not leveraging last day to buy sales, give it a whirl and profit!

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